Licenses management

License management:

Getting anonymous license

Get free unlimited license for 3 MySQL services

1) Step 1, go to site

2) Step 2, push button "Get license for 3 services"

3) Step 3, get anonymous license (can be added to the account afterwards), push button "Get free license without registration"

4) Step 4, copy obtained license in the field Configuration→Add license in web-interface of SepMySQL

Creating account for license management

1) Step 1, go to site

2) Step 2, push button "Get license for 3 services"


2) Step 2, push button "Get license for 100 services"


2) Step 2, choose drop down menu item "Licenses Manager → Registration"

3) Step 3, fill registration form

After registering will receive a link to the License Manager, and in the future you may enter into the License Manager via the login form:

When you log in after registering to the menu Licenses, are available next actions: 1) Get license for 3 services - get license for 3 services linked to account

2) Get license for 100 services - get license for 100 services linked to account

3) Add exist. license - add existing license to account

If there are licenses, the following operations are available:

1. - remove license

2. - reset the IP address that you assigned to the license. Binding is carried out by adding the license in the web interface SepMySQL. When program SepMySQL will be moved from one server to another, you must reset the IP for license

3. - block license