mod_performance + any type php(php-fpm, cgi, suphp, cgid, fcgid, fastcgi)

For mod_performance can work with any type of php(instead of dso) should to use php extension: Extension is available with source code of mod_performance. What should to do for ext build:

  • Build module mod_performance
  • yum install php-devel
  • cd ~/tmp/mod_performance-master/php_ext/modperf_ext
  • phpize
  • ./configure --enable-modperf_ext
  • make
  • cp .libs/ /usr/lib64/php/modules/
  • cp modperf_ext.ini /etc/php.d/
  • add to end of php.ini:
modperf_ext.enabled = On
  • for file /etc/httpd/conf.d/mod_performance.conf
    1. comment out string LoadModule performance_module /opt/lexvit/mod_performance04/
    2. comment string #PerformanceScript .php
    3. comment out or add strings
PerformanceDB /opt/performance/perfdb
PerformanceSocket /opt/performance/perfsock
PerformanceSocketPermType 777 NOPID