SepMySQL - a set of tools and a set of packages that allow a single server to run different versions of MySQL like databases, or as different users or different restrictions on the use of server resources. Utilities if necessary create a single socket to access all databases. The client program accesses the database as usual, and a special dispatcher determines which service MySQL forward the request.

Ie on a single server, you can create a lot services of MySQL server and redirect users for these services, without any migration for customers. Access for customers is simple and works as usual, through the socket /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock for example.

SepMySQL can also be used for the database server where works MySQL 5.0, MySQL 5.1, MySQL 5.5, MySQL 5.6, MariaDB 5.5, etc. A client-server is only connected to the required port and get access to the correct version of MySQL database.

Examples of use.

Example 1 - Shared hosting (1 server for sites and database)

For example we have hosting with sites, some clients require the use of MySQL 5.5 or MySQL 5.6. Currently installed MySQL 5.1 only. Access to MySQL is through socket /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock. SepMySQL allows you to run the same server (without conflicts) MySQL 5.6 and 5.5, set up rules for users requiring custom server service MySQL. To improve security, each MySQL service can be run under his own user.

Example 2 - Sahred hosting (4 servers with sites and 1 common server for database)

For the first server with users needs MySQL 5.0, for the second server with the users needs MySQL 5.1, for the third server with users needs MySQL 5.5, for the fourth server users need MySQL 5.6. Here is an scheme of solution with SepMySQL.