Installation SepMySQL on CentOS/Fedora/RedHat

The initial state of the system:

  1. There is no control panel
  2. Installed the standard mysql 5.1
  3. Disk space 2GB


  • yum install wget sqlite -y
  • wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/bayrepo-common.repo
  • yum install sepmysql sepmysql-web sepmysql-balancer --enablerepo=bayrepo-test
  • add to /etc/yum.conf: exclude=mysql*
  • service mysqld stop
  • chkconfig mysqld off
  • /opt/sepmysql/install/switch-to-mysql-wrapper

utility will change mysqld init script and start sepmysql services

  • open port 4111 in iptables (for internal net or for external)
  • got to page: http://[IP address]:4111/sepmysql
    • choose menu item Login and enter admin: admin

  • on the new page choose menu item: MySQL→List and add such service (step by setp 1,2,3…)

  • Save new service and choose: Rules→Rules List and add rule

Instuction how to use License Manager here